Fastest Guitarist Alive
Skwisgaar Skwigelf
Taller than a tree
Lead guitarist of Dethklok
Man whore
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Yous ams it.
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       There’s a pause, a somewhat hesitant shake of her head before Dee’s eyes bulge. “Oh, God, we didn’t— no, nevermind. I’d remember the hair.”


"The— the beers? You can definitely stick around here for the beers—y’know, considering your standards’d have to be pretty low to walk in here in the first place—but we got a BYOB policy on the ladies.”

     He’s hardly phased by her initial suggestion. In fact, his blonde head is preoccupied scanning the dingy bar as she rambles on.

     “B — Y — O’s — B? Wha— So you’re sayings… dat’s dere amsn’t any ladies here? 
          Euughh… Wells ya sees, here’s the deal—io… Seems I’ve forgottens my groupie sluts this times so’s uh… how’s would you likes to sleeps with a famous guy?”  

     His features hardly alter throughout his proposition, though blue hues drift to the left as a pause of silence fills the air.

     “— Afters.. de beers.”

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We’ve figured out how to travel through time at the speed of regular time, with plastic bags.

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tumblr user doomstarrequiem requested some form of comfort after Toki’s ordeal and i got SO AMPED ABOUT IT i drew it at 1am

also because they have their arms slung around each other huge gay Scandis

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